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We are the emergency <3

5. května 2011 v 18:34 | Immortal Angel
Musím sa podeliť :) proste milujem <3 ;)
We are the emergency - All we ever see of the stars are their old photographs

The redness of his face permits
The truth his words won't dare admit,
His sunken eyes are hid behind a darken lens
Broken doors and thoughtless words,
The tyre tracks on her dead lawn
Feeble threats and loveless debts
Prove nothing when she still steals your breath
She stands tall with strength not height
You can see the fists inside her eyes
Now its time for her revenge
Delivered acid tongue, god pity/help him
She sits there in the aftermath
And listens as cars drive slowly past
His final show, his lies
Had done nothing but cured her smile
Her bruises fade from black to blue,
Over time they slowly heal
You'll think you've grown found love again
When you break your own heart
It will never mend.


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1 Barborka Barborka | 5. května 2011 v 19:25 | Reagovat

ty závislák na blogu :P

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